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Yoga: Dancer Pose

When I first discovered this pose, I fell in love. Afterall, I am a dancer and a gymnast first. It’s fun to play around with poses…especially when you take them outside. ‘Natarajasana‘ (not-ah-raj-AHS-anna) is Sanskrit for Dancer & King…which explains

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Helping students heal anxiety through Yoga

This is a subject I am close to. Yoga can help heal anxiety: revealing symptoms and helping to address it’s root causes. The body and mind both respond to various yogic tools, including:¬†asana, pranayama, lifestyle adjustments and tuning the senses

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What is the meaning of Yoga?

‘The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’ has a wonderful explanation of this! According to the “bible of yoga”: “Most people immediately think of some physical practices for stretching and stress reduction. This is one aspect of the Yogic science, but actually

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