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Yin Yoga & A Quick Meditation

I haven’t been writing much lately. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) I’ve been caught up in a lot of other things that needed my time, such as: being really laser focused and committed to a detoxing diet for Crohns, writing and getting

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Yin Yoga

A little info on Yin Yoga, then a sample practice sequence: Yin Yoga is a “passive” practice. A gentle, softer approach ~ where we get to slow down and begin the restorative process for our body. (i.e. Seated meditation is

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Helping students heal anxiety through Yoga

This is a subject I am close to. Yoga can help heal anxiety: revealing symptoms and helping to address it’s root causes. The body and mind both respond to various yogic tools, including: asana, pranayama, lifestyle adjustments and tuning the senses

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