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Learning To Go With The Flow Of Life

Just when you think you’ve got things figured out, the Universe swoops in with a big change. This is just the way things seem to work, right? Sometimes I think it’s a lesson or reminder to not get to comfy

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10,000 Hour Rule: Don’t Give Up!

After a solid week into 2013, listening to Macklemore’s “Ten Thousand Hours” reminded me not to fall back into old habits. It also reminded me of how much I want to turn my dreams into reality… In “Ten Thousand Hours,”

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Macklemore: Look In The Mirror

I’m a serious Macklemore fan. If you don’t know about this Seattle native rapper – this is a treat! After seeing Macklemore’s ‘Tiny Desk’ npr¬†performance, I was spellbound and filled with inspiration. The music is so special, words really cannot

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