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Gratitude To Readers!

Hey all! Happy 2013! I hope your transition into the New Year was fun, healthy and exciting… WordPress sent us an End of The Year annual, wrap-up for @mbsbalance. What a super-fun (and informative) thing to do! I just wanted to

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Shifting Fear Into Gratitude

I’ve talked a little about fear, here on MBS. In the process of working through my fears, I had a breakthrough I thought would be useful to share. Whether you’re feeling: fear of failure, fear of judgement, or a fear

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She starts as a seed, small and fragile ~ and sprouts up . . . growing like a beautiful tree. Grounded to mother earth, rooted, stable and strong…her knots show, but beautiful they are. Resilient and free…she flourishes and shines wherever

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Attitude of Gratitude

Today, waking up to the news that a Tsunami had hit Japan was shocking and sad. I pray for mother earth. Disasters like this allow us to reflect … We can choose to focus on the positive. Gandhi said, “Be the

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