Outdoor Adventure: Charmlee Malibu Hike

I’ve been having some fun here in LA so far. Of course, while living on the westside, you get to experience all the beauty of the local beaches. There are endless outdoor adventures to embark on. Biking on the path, SUP, running on the sand…


It’s safe to say, I’m having a blast being back here in the outdoors!

Charmlee Hike 015

This past week, I headed back to one of my favorite hiking spots: Charmlee Wilderness Park. If you’re driving from Santa Monica or via the PCH, you’ll get to experience the beautiful coastal drive up. You can expect a pretty mellow hike, with walking paths that are mostly flat.

With over 532 acres of gorgeous land to cover, you’ll find: cute picnic areas, 8 miles of trails, breath-taking vista and mountain views…and maybe even some wildlife!

Charmlee Hike 001

Charmlee Hike 002

Charmlee Hike 003

Charmlee Hike 004

There’s something so therapeutic about being outdoors in a place of such expansiveness! There’s time and space to take a deep breath in, and feel all of life’s possibilities. You might find clarity and creativity flow in too!

Charmlee Hike 005

There are also some cool rocks and boulders to play around on. Kinda fun to discover! 😉

Charmlee Hike 006

Charmlee Hike 007

I read some reviews on this hike, and I am not sure what people were saying about ‘getting lost.’ It kinda seems impossible. There are plenty of trail signs and although there are various paths to take, most of them lead back to the same spot. It’s kinda fun to pick one….and just GO! I guess I feel free and more like a kid when I am outdoors, exploring!

Charmlee Hike 008

Charmlee Hike 010

It’s the views that get me! {BONUS: great spot for a breather, or a mini-meditation break!}

Charmlee Hike 011

Charmlee Hike 012

Charmlee Hike 013

Charmlee Hike 014

Some info to know, before ya go:

  • There’s plenty of parking, but be prepared to pay $4 per car.
  • Bring water and sunscreen (even a hat) because at that elevation and being in sunny SoCal, the sun gets HOT!
  • There are bathrooms and drinking fountains near the parking area.
  • The park is open from 8:00am – sunset, 7 days a week.
  • Address: 2577 Encinal Canyon Road, Malibu

Have fun – get out there!!!

Peace, love and hugs…

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