Meditation Challenge: 10 Minutes For 10 Days


Being in a new environment (LA) and also noticing that I’ve lost my morning meditation ritual got me thinking. Having a morning ritual can really set you up nicely for the rest of your day. It allows you to set the vibe and intention that you would like to create and later, move throughout your busy day with a little more peace.

I lost my morning practice because “I got busy” and let it slide away. Excuses, bleckkk! 🙂 It’s funny how we can let some of the most important things we do for ourselves ‘go’ first. If you’re feeling groggy, unclear, unable to focus or even negative…having a morning ritual can help get you out of that thinking and shift you into clarity and gratitude.

Your morning ritual can be just about anything. Below are some ideas to get you started:

  • Write in your journal
  • Light a candle and do a couple stretches
  • Sit in a breathing meditation
  • Listen to a guided meditation

yogi under tree

No matter what your ritual is, the purpose of this time is just that: time! Our days can be rushed and chaotic. This is just a little bit of quiet, peaceful time that you get – all to yourself! A time where you can allow your thoughts to filter through and ease your mind into the day.

I know what you’re thinking. I don’t have the time! I feel ya. But, actually, we all have 10 minutes. This is my challenge to you. Can you take (just) 10 minutes and get centered before your day starts?

What do you think that’ll feel like? What internal changes could/will occur?

A good friend once told me, “Meditation is like brushing your teeth. We all make time for it in our routine. Would you ever skip out on brushing your teeth? Meditation is just another tiny thing we add into our daily routine.”

You can do this! It’s just 10 minutes. I truly believe in this, it’s worth it!

But, I will be waiting to hear from you to tell me whatcha think. We are doing this together ~ because I need to get back into my routine as well. Let’s see how we feel after 10 days. Maybe we’ll be inspired to continue for the month! 🙂

If you have any questions or if you need help getting started, please don’t hesitate to ask. {Also, check out some of the resources below!}

yoga bliss art

Big OM to you!


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3 comments on “Meditation Challenge: 10 Minutes For 10 Days
  1. Joanne Cobble says:

    A great way to start each day! thank you for your support.

  2. Bubble Gum says:

    Love it! Great idea. I’ll add in another 10 minutes!

  3. Marina says:

    Love this!! Time to get back into a meditation routine! Xo

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