3 Reasons To Love SFO Virgin America Terminal

Sometimes travelling can be stressful, tiresome and just plain gross. This past holiday season, a lot of travelers might have been anxiously anticipating the likely stale airport experience. Myself included!

But not if you’re travelling through SFO > in the new Virgin Terminal. !!

To my amazement, I discovered 3 airport game-changing features. After the awe-and shock wore off, I knew I had to tell you all about it!

I walked out of the jetway feeling a little fatigued from my SEA>SF flight. And, I literally tripped as I glanced up and saw the word Organic. Double-take. “The Plant ~ Cafe Organic” that is…

#1 Fuel Up: I could probably do a whole posting on The Plant, but I’ll sum it up. 🙂 The extensive menu includes a cuisine that is “contemporary California and Asian inspired.” Not only can you get Non-GMO, organic vegetarian/vegan items, but they have fresh pressed juices & smoothies available as well. Green juice @ the airport? Am I dreaming? And I’m loving the cafe’s mission:

“Our mission is to promote the wellbeing of people and planet, and provide an avenue to support healthy choices and sustainable practices.”

I highly recommend the ‘Green Basic’ juice and the ‘Plant Burger’ {made with lentils, beets, bulgur wheat & cashews!}.

SFO 022

SFO 021

SFO 023


#2 Destress, Decompress & Stretch It Out: Enter, the zen den! The fact that there is a yoga studio in an airport blows my mind. I practically ran over to the area to make sure it wasn’t a joke. Yup. It’s true! Although the room is small, size doesn’t matter. The effort is beyond imaginable! As you open the frosted glass door, there is a sign to remove your shoes, a nice wooden floor and props that make this a travel yogi’s dream. Both times I visited the free yoga studio, there wasn’t a soul in sight. Just me. My (borrowed) mat. My breath and my unwinding, appreciative body. Namaste-ahhhhhh-omm.

SFO 014

SFO 007

SFO 009

SFO 010

SFO 011

SFO 012

SFO 013

#3 Gourmet Snacking Healthfully: Napa Farms Market is a gourmet foodies dream. If you’re looking for fresh cheeses, quality wine, wood-fired pizza or even non-dairy, vegetarian, vegan options ~ this place has it all! In fact, they dedicated a whole section to ‘Raw, Gluten Free, & Vegan’! Almond milk yogurt anyone?! This market is special and unique for an airport, as it supports local, artisanal producers. Hella cool.

SFO 020

SFO 015

SFO 016

SFO 017

SFO 018

SFO 019

As if you need any other reasons to love SFO and Virgin. But wait, there’s more…

  • There are modern, sleek, labeled bins for: recycle, compost and trash.
  • There are ‘hydration stations’ throughout the area (and near The Plant) for refilling your bottle, you brought from home. cough!> The water faucet is triggered by a sensor and it never stays on longer than a couple seconds, preventing wasted H2O. Love this! (see my pic above)
  • The Virgin America planes are 25% more fuel-efficient than others.
  • “It’s slated to be the first LEED Gold Certified airport terminal in the U.S.” <source>

Maybe I’m just geeking out here but c’mon! I know I’m not the only one who thinks airports (and planes) need to kick it into high gear > make some major improvements and move into the modern present time. A hygienic time, at that!

All that being said, I am SO SO SO grateful for these 3 amazing additions to SFO. I actually had a really nice travel experience! I usually fly direct and the SEA>SF>SD route initially bummed me out. But now, I’ll be stoked if I get to drop into SFO.

No matter where you fly, if you’re travelling this season ~ make sure to fuel up, hydrate, get-bendy, and snack healthfully. It’ll also help to naturally defend your system with probiotics and a high dose multi-vitamin.

Happy and safe travels. Love!

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One comment on “3 Reasons To Love SFO Virgin America Terminal
  1. Joanne Cobble says:

    This is amazing! Enough so, I will try to book a flight through SFO. Thank you for sharing such a happy and delightful positive experience! xo

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