Mexican Hot Chocolate

Tis the season! The holidays are here and the decorations are up!

So far, we’ve been up to some fun, festive activities…

Checking out our lil town’s lights…!


Picking out our tree here on Bainbridge & hanging some mistletoe, fa-la-la-la-lahhh


I tried out a new delicious, cranberry cake recipe (I don’t post everything I do!)  😉


I bundled up and headed out to shop for loved ones (in the city-Pike Place!)…

In the process, I may have found something fun for me too (I couldn’t resist trying on some red lips!) hmmm….


Then, the other night I was curled up on the couch and the weather report came on. Possible snow…?!? I am pleading with the gods to give us a lil’ snow before we head down to sunny Cali (La Jolla).


I needed a hot drink fast! I love these cozy moments: a good book, a fire is blazin,  and you’ve just got to have something delicious to sip on! I’ve been trying to come up with a good alternative to a mocha. I cannot have coffee anymore and I found a silky-rich soy that is just divine. Perfect for a virgin cocoa with a kick.

Mexican Hot Chocolate:

~Add all ingredients into a small pot and wisk together. Heat to simmer and serve!

No need for extra sugar because the soy milk already has evap cane juice! Make sure to play with the ‘spice’ amounts according to your liking. Maybe you’ll get cray-cray and add some nutmeg too! And don’t forget about all the amazing benefits of cayenne! It’s a super-powered anti-inflammatory and has major detoxifying properties. I feel pretty good about drinking this!

I am so excited for Christmas…it’s almost here. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the snow… and in the meantime, I wish you and all of your families n’ friends the happiest, healthiest – jolliest holiday season.

With love…


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One comment on “Mexican Hot Chocolate
  1. Joanne Cobble says:

    What a happy life you lead! xo

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