Super Soul Sunday Recap: Enlighten Your Life


I am not always a regular for Super Soul Sunday but I do love me some Oprah. Being that I love Marie Forleo and some of her other spiritual revolution buddies ~ I was excited to watch their guest spot on Super Soul Sunday this past week.

The three guests on this episode were: Marie Forleo, Mastin Kipp, and Gabrielle Bernstein. All of which, I am a fan of! These folks were presented as ‘the next-generation spiritual thinkers‘. My favorite part of the episode was when each guest talked about three ways to become more spiritual (right now!). Here’s the recap below:

Three Ways To Become More Spiritual


  • Become willing to know more, to learn. (invite change in!)
  • Pay attention to those ‘signs’ that we receive. (books, teachers, etc.)
  • Show up!…..and do the work.


  • Follow your bliss. (pay attention to those moments which light you up)
  • Take action in that direction. (and trust that you’ll be supported)
  • Ask yourself….”What can I give? How can I help others?”


  • Find gratitude. (try starting a gratitude journal)
  • Be present. Be in the now.
  • Bring passion to everything you do. (shift your perspective & even bring passion to washing the dishes)

I loved hearing each guests point of view. These are great words of wisdom. These suggestions can be helpful in creating more spirituality, growth, & love into your life. This is also helpful for if/when you’re feeling stuck. Start somewhere, take time & space….and then, take action!

If you’re looking for a biz coach, Marie Forleo is really quite somethin’ special. I love her because she is a strong female, a leader, and one of my favs ~ authentic and comfortable with her own silly self. She will inspire you, motivate you, biz coach you and completely entertain you! Sign up for her weekly newsletters and you’ll be so happy you did.

Also, (last thing, I promise!) she’s buddies with my fav health nut Kris Carr. Check out their hilarious & delicious Crazy Sexy Kitchen video here!

Did you watch this episode of Super Soul Sunday too? What did you think of it?

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