Parsley: My Secret Weapon For Detoxing

Having a case of the ‘acheys’ the other day, I headed out to try a supposed superhero for Arthritis and Inflammation: Parsley. I’m always looking to find out more about Anti-Inflammatory foods. And, if you’re like me, some of the most powerful plants seem to taste a bit bitter or strong. So, how can we incorporate these into our diet?

I think I found a great parsley solution! Its inspired by a vegan pesto that I love making.
{Dang! I still need to post that!} Swap out the sweet basil for some kickass powerful parsley ~ and we got ourselves a new detoxing dressing! Ok, more about this in a minute – but first…

If these nutritional facts about parsley don’t knock your socks off, well…..

It’s A Cancer Fighter: parsley has an organic compound called ‘myristicin’ that inhibits tumor formation and helps fight against oxidized molecules (i.e. it’s an antioxidant). Myristicin can also neutralize carcinogens found in cigarette smoke. Myristicin’s tumor fighting front is typically the lungs.”

Anti-Inflammatory Action: the aforementioned luteolin and Vitamin C also helps to reduce inflammation. When regularly consumed, these two nutrients combat osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.”

Bone Building: Just a two tablespoons serving of parsley provides over 153% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin K. Vitamin K helps to synthesis osteocalcin which builds our bones. Vitamin K also prohibits the build-up of calcium deposits assisting us in the fight against atherosclerosis, stroke, and heart disease.”

Boo ya!

Anything with PARSLEY is cleansing. So, if you don’t want to stick it into a smoothie ~ top your salad or dish with it, then you can try this delicious dressing:

Things You’ll Need:

  • Parsley (handful)
  • 1/8 c Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 Clove of Garlic
  • Lemon (1-2 slices squeezed)
  • Pinch of Sea Salt
  • 1-2 tbls Purified Water


I think it’s important to use high quality ingredients. Watch out for GMO’s and pesticides. I have read, and personally heard many cases in which these toxins have created disease and wreaked havoc on our lovely lil bodies. So, try to choose Organic and non-GMOwhen possible.


You may want to experiment with the ingredient amounts, as I like things very lemony. Play and add to your liking.

We got this mortar & pestle as a gift, so I wanted to try it out. But, you can use a blender or food processor too. Either way, get to grinding!



-I added the dressing over rice and topped it with some veggie sausage + avo. You can really use this dressing on anything: quinoa, noodles, salad, chicken, etc. It’s so tasty!!

-If you wanted a thicker dressing, add in some AVO for a creamy texture. If you’re shooting for a pesto, then add in the avo + nuts: pine nuts, walnuts, etc.

-Add in red chili pepper flakes for a little heat.

Make it fun! Because I know some of you won’t eat your greens unless ya can’t taste em. 🙂

Learn more about Parsley here @ World’s Healthiest

Cheers to your health ~ live long and strong, people ♥

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