Bainbridge Island Summer

As these sunny long days wind down, I find myself thinking about this first summer on Bainbridge and how wonderful it has been. I love this island: the small town feel, the gourmet eats, the friendly folks and of course the beautiful beach stretches.

I thought it’d be fun to share my favorite, top 10’s of the summer…

1.) Boat camping/Blake Island- If you’re visiting the island, this is possible too. And actually, I am cheating here a bit. Boat camping on Bainbridge is great but because we live here ~ we decided to venture out to Blake Island. Although I could write a whole posting on this, I’ll leave you with the basics. You can also get to Blake by cruise boat via Argosy (departs from downtown). Either way, there are plenty things to check out: the Salmon Bake, the greeting deer, the trail walks and of course, the beaches.


2.) Bike on Crystal Springs Dr- This is an easy, flat, picturesque path to ride or walk on. Biking is huge here in Seattle ~ a big difference from CA. I’ve noticed the general respect for bikers ~ this is definitely the case on Crystal Springs…and on Bainbridge.


3.) Pier jump- Nuff’ said!

(Check out piers @: Hidden Cove or Crystal Springs)

4.) Blueberry picking- This was a super fun thing to do as a couple…fun for kids and the fam too! The owner talked to us a little about the different varieties and tastes. There was also a flower garden to pick from (great prices!). We picked away and the very next morning, enjoyed the berries in our pancakes!


5.) Walk the sprawling pristine beaches- I’m pretty biased when it comes to this! Our house is on the east side of the island, facing Mt. Baker and downtown Seattle. We have one of the only sandy stretches and it’s just divine!! I believe there is public access on Grand Ave or Ferncliff Ave.


6.) Farmers Market- It’s a quaint island-farmers market, but the produce is high quality. The island band plays & it’s not to be missed! (see #7) At the last market I picked up some raw honey! (which is hard to come by). It’s said to be incredible as a natural antibacterial…and it’s dang good on my morning oatmeal. 😉


7.) Hang with the locals (First Friday Art Walk!)- Its fun to walk down Winslow, from shop to shop. Most of the store owners have wine…and you might run into this: (does it get better?!)

Just islanders, bein islanders!

8.) Watch the Sunset- Any spot on the westside of the island is great for this. (crystal springs sunset ride anyone?)


9.) Boat, Kayak or Paddleboard- I…just……need….a couple more days to do this!!!! I can’t get enough! It’s fun, calming and active. You can rent all water toys in the marina. This is me, having way too much fun @ our post wedding BBQ!


10.) Bloedel- I may have saved the best for last! (although, who’s kidding – I can’t choose!) These beautiful gardens are such a treat on the island. With wonderful walking paths, spectacular views, and a neat history…well, I don’t want to spoil anything. Just GO!


I’d love to hear about your adventures…and of course send in any questions you may have!!

Get out there….AND PLAY!!

P.S.- Don’t even get me started on the food here……!
(coming soon)


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