Beach Workout 1

I really cannot remember back to when my ‘beach workout’ obsession began. I think it started due to the fact that after I quit competitive gymnastics, I was bored with the gym and regular workouts.

πŸ™‚ Embarrassing yes, but starting athletics early on had a major, positive influence in my life.

After years and years of ass-kicking training, I needed something new. Bottom line: you have to find what works for you.

Bringing together my love for the outdoors and exercise = me feelin’ gooooood, centered, energized and healthy! So…obviously, I want to share what I’ve discovered!

Being an athlete, I’m inspired by sports in general. Football being a BIG one. Through my fiance’ Skip’s: Get Coached‘ NFL DVD’s, I’ve learned more about what great leaders the coaches are. More on this later ~ because I can’t wait to rev you up! πŸ˜‰

That being said, I like to bring a little bit of everything into my beach workouts. I like to incorporate other sports & their trainings. It’s all about making it fresh & fun. On any given day, you might see me on the sand: (although, I don’t recommend watching ~ but there is a method to my madness!!) dancing, sprinting, doing football drills, dropping down for push-ups, yoga-ing, imaginary rope jumping…etc.

Some of my cross-fit/circuit training-inspired moves have come from a special place I was able to train at (cough: get my ass-kicked at) with this guy below: Navy SEAL, Logan Hood (bad muther f’r).


We did anything from box jumps to burpies, to kettle bell squats & rowing.

A lot of these exercises can be transferred and used in the outdoors…and on the beach. Where I live on Bainbridge Island, there is a lot of driftwood (logs). This is a perfect tool for workouts like: push-ups, step-ups, and lifted squats.

Really…..just get creative. But don’t hurt yourself! And, by any means, get yourself a trainer too πŸ˜‰

So, today – I’ll leave you with one simple move:

* Lock into your Push Up position: flat back, shoulders over your hands, tighten your core.


* Lower down into your Push Up: (optional) keeping elbows in @ ribcage, core strong… push back up.


* Open up into Side Plank: stack your feet on top of each other, keeping your alignment- turn open, lift your arm and stretch to the sky. Lifting the leg is a bonus.


Regarding the reps, find what works for you. Our bodies are all different and they’re at different places in our workout regime. I don’t really keep too much track of reps…but I usually start out a new exercise doing: 12 reps @ 3 sets. Holding plank or side plank for 15-30 seconds is a great place to start.

Go sweat!

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