Detox Day 3 ~ Rejuvenate, Restore, Relax

Today is a complete chill out, relaxation day for me. After Hot Yoga last night (and it definitely kicked my butt), my body needs to ‘just be’ today. It’s a perfect day for this – as it’s incredibly nice outside here on Bainbridge Island (our lil suburb of Seattle). 🙂


I started this morning out eating a delicious Grapefruit (and some oats from yesterdays recipe). In celebration of summer approaching (I love all the fruits!), I’ve filled our fridge full of my favs.


Grapefruit is off the charts in Vitamin C levels! It’s also helpful to eat fruits containing Lycopene on days where you’ll be soakin up the sunshine, aka Vitamin D. It’s replenishing! Ahhhh. You feel me?

One more thing to add. I pulled together a cabbage salad for lunch but since my brain is on v-a-c-a, I forgot to take any pics. Whoopsie. It’s kinda one of those ‘throw everything ya got in’ type-a-salads. Just go with it….


-red pepper (or any will do)
-red onion

I rely on Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Vinegar for a quick, easy, healthy dressing. Nuthin fancy. I used Apple Cider Vinegar and lemon for its detoxing properties and of course a lil S&P.

Do it!

Off to the first boat ride of the summer. Its officially, exactly 60 days till our wedding! Aww yeah.

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4 comments on “Detox Day 3 ~ Rejuvenate, Restore, Relax
  1. Erin says:

    Your friggin’ awesome:))) I love you!

  2. Bethany Schu says:

    I love, love, LOVE your detox-style. That cabbage salad is awesome, I am definitely going to be borrowing that recipe. And hot yoga is aaahhhh-maaazzziinnggg. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, I find this information so inspiring!!!

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