Detox Breakfast, Day 2

Good morning y’all! Yesterday was a nice transition into this detox. I’m feelin good!

I’ve done cleanses and detox programs before, but one thing to remember: everyone is different and therefore their needs, metabolism, sensitivities, etc. – are going to vary as well.

Bio-individuality, as Integrative Nutrition calls it.

That being said, depriving myself or going too extreme doesn’t work well with me. So, although I am trying to cut out: Dairy, Meat, Sugar, & Wheat – I’ve been making sure I snack (healthfully) if I need to and….if I need a piece of cacao…then that’s ok too. 😉

(sparingly though – and a high % of dark, organic cacao is a good choice)

So, I started off this morning with a Crazy Sexy Diet smoothie: Green Guru
-romaine leaves
-coconut water or purified water
-banana (or pear)
-stevia to taste

*I substituted the below:*
-no stevia (although, maybe I’ll add it in next time – whew!)
-I haven’t gotten my E3Live, so I added my HealthForce ‘Vitamineral Greens‘ & ‘MacaForce
-I used water
-I used banana




This is a thick and creamy smoothie because of the yummy avocado. But, I knew I was going to need a little more energy for my Hot Yoga class later. So, I went with one of my favorite, usual suspects!

Oats + nuts + berries!


The cooking is similar to rice, where you do 1 cup oats & 1.5 cups water.
-After it boils, give it a stir (and I like to add a little almond milk & cinnamon)


-Let it sit on low till it seems creamy and dreamy! 😉
-Add toppings!


Ok, off to sweat my buns off!!

Namaste and lots of love to you… ♥

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