Healthy Snacks

After taking some time off this summer, I’m officially back to work. And, what a transition! It’s interesting how quickly we can loose our self-care routine. After just two weeks, I’m feeling completely wiped out and exhausted. Time for a wake up call!! 🙂

This summer, I learned a lot about: health, healing, nourishment……and cooking! I found that the greatest wealth IS health. When making changes in your life, creating new healthy habits ~ its tough to stay on track.

How quickly I found myself abandoning my healthy routines, like: making time to shop for and pack healthy snacks. We need energy and fuel to propel us throughout our day. Balancing these healthy habits while working can be challenging, but with a little planning ~ it’s definitely possible!

So, I researched and revamped some old snacks. I created a list of ideas and wanted to share it with you…

*All snacks are Gluten Free / Dairy Free*

  • Almond Butter and apple
  • Almond Butter and celery
  • Hummus and carrots
  • Hummus and cucumbers
  • Hummus and Udi’s gluten free toast
  • Cucumber slices and dill
  • Frozen edamame (defrost evening before, add salt or tamari)
  • Nori Sheets (see picture below!)
  • Avocado (yes, bring a whole avo and cut it @ work. Save 1/2 if need be.)
  • Raisins
  • Nuts & Seeds (Almonds, Brazil, Pumpkin, Sunflower)
  • Lara Bars (fruit and nuts only-all natural)
  • Low Glycemic fruit (grapefruit, pears, apples, plum). *Best eaten on empty stomach.*

This Blog actually helps me along my healthy journey. It serves as a reminder, a purpose to keep researching- learning, growing and sharing. Thank you for allowing me to do this!

Have any delicious snacks to add? Please comment!

Happy snacking!


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4 comments on “Healthy Snacks
  1. Bethany Smith says:

    You know, I was eating a chocolate chip brownie-Lara bar and a banana while I was reading this and I agree completely. Healthy snacks are clutch!! I love your list! Here’s a few of my fav delicious snacks: a bowl of granola and almond milk! 100% Fruit and veggie juice blend over ice! =D

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