Dear Quinoa, I Love You!

I can’t believe I just discovered quinoa, 3 months ago. Where has this amazing grain been my whole life? 🙂

I’m smitten with quinoa…for a bunch of different reasons:

  • It’s gluten free, wheat free, dairy free.
  • It’s loaded with protein; this means it’s a great vegetarian meal option.
  • A relative to leafy green veggies like spinach; quinoa is a sacred, “ancient grain” ~  once considered “the gold of the Incas.”
  •  Studies show, quinoa has been helpful for people who suffer from migraines, as it contains an abundant source of: magnesium (as well as iron, copper, & phosphorus).
  • It’s easy to make and versatile ~ it practically goes well with anything.

I’ve been eating quinoa at least 3 times a week now, including some lunches. Below are a couple pairing ideas. You can find cooking directions on the quinoa box, internet; or listed below. Enjoy!!

  • Cooking instructions: 1 cup quinoa = 1 1/3 cup water. Bring to a boil then cover and reduce heat to warm/low for about 10-13 minutes. Fluff & eat!
  • TIP: make a double batch and save some for tomorrow’s work-lunch!

You can start with a nice foundation of cooked, plain Quinoa + then add toppings/pairings later…

Adding raw veggies (i.e. tomato, red onion, avo, cucumber) keeps the dish really clean; giving you lasting energy…

Or saute’ up some veggies (i.e. green beans, sweet onion, peas, zucchini) for a heartier ~ cozier meal.

Lastly, one of my favorites: Pesto Quinoa. I found a DEEElicious, healthy way to make pesto. I omit the parmesan; but it somehow still tastes like the reg pesto. This was such a great discovery ~ it earned it’s own Blog posting (coming soon!).

Happy grains + greens people!


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2 comments on “Dear Quinoa, I Love You!
  1. I’ve recently become obsessed with quinoa! I add it directly to my salads or mix it my standard salad fixings, omitting the greens. Fruits and nuts also go really well with it.

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