Sweet Summer Days on Vashon Island: Pink Salmon

Apparently, this is the summer of learning. I feel like I am at adult summer camp! 😉 Something special happens here in August. It’s so special, that it only happens every 2 years…only in August.  🙂

It’s the run of the Pinks! Usually, I don’t share stories as ‘exciting‘ as ones involving fish/fishing (haa ha). This is definitely worth sharing though…and I think you’ll be surprised too!

These Pink Salmon have quite the journey: once they hatch in freshwater streams and rivers, they begin their migration. They head out to the ocean, sometimes travelling 1,000 miles or more. Pinks tend to live a strict 2 year life cycle. Once they reach the 2 year-marker, they’re sexually mature. They then return to the original waters where they were hatched! Once the Pink’s lay their eggs, they die a few days after.

So, this is their journey. I found this so interesting ~ because they’re not so different than us, really. We have our purpose; our journey, no matter how long or difficult ~ boulders or blessings. We live, we die ~ this is our journey. The Pink’s have a purpose as well ~ and such a unique journey.

In this region, the Pink’s original waters, or home – is the Puyallup Rivier. This is about 10 miles away from Vashon Island; and for whatever reason, they travel through here on their way home. Biologists expect about 5 MILLION this year…

The red dots represent the Pink Salmon path, from Vashon to the Puyallup River.

Of course, somehow we (Universe) chose this house to live in…and our beach is the prime spot for “The Run of The Pinks!” Everyday now, we wake up and have small fishing boats and looky-lous. We’re talking early-risers…..6am! It’s fascinating to watch the Pink’s feed. They’ll jump up into the air for bugs…splash around. People who have been fishing for years & years always say, “I’ve never seen anything like this!?”

The Pink Salmon Derby is comin’ up…I’ll report back. Until then, check out this video of them in action!

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