Sweet Summer Days on Vashon Island: Crabbin’

The funny thing is, I never really liked Crab ~ until I had it fresh!! Often, restaurants serve imitation Crab. Lucky for us, we get to enjoy this delicacy within hours of catching it! Check out the video’s and pics below…

Apparently, sometimes you ‘catch’ starfish as well. Gotta throw those back, as well as the female crabs. I’ll spare you with the ‘cooking’ and everything in between…that’s a whole other type of Blog posting. Let’s cut to the salad…

I kept the salad simple. Adding citrus and avocado is great with any seafood. Grapefruit is a favorite ~ super yummy and super healthy.  🙂

I learned a new trick: segmenting! Once you segment citrus, you will never go back to any other way. It’s fun! You start by cutting off both ends. Then, carefully slice the outer peel off ~ making your way around the grapefruit…

Until it looks like this! You cut lil’ slivers or segments of the grapefruit and leave the ‘membrane’ behind. You end up with purrty slices for your salad! 

The dressing is fun…you can get creative with it. I used some Champagne Vinaigrette, Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, Orange Juice & zest from both. I also added a squeeze of the Grapefruit remains. Why not?Add Salt & Pepp to season…but I like to keep it simple so you can really taste the ‘star’ here…..the Crab!



Grab some delicious Butter Lettuce…

Happy cooking, exploring, snacking….and most of all, have an awesome weekend.

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