Yoga: Dancer Pose

When I first discovered this pose, I fell in love. Afterall, I am a dancer and a gymnast first. It’s fun to play around with poses…especially when you take them outside.

Natarajasana‘ (not-ah-raj-AHS-anna) is Sanskrit for Dancer & King…which explains why it then becomes “Lord of the Dance Pose.”

Here are a couple of fun/interesting things to know about this pose:

  • Benefits: stretches shoulders, chest, thighs, groin, legs, abs and improves balance.
  • Chakras activated: 1st – 4th & 6th (aka: Base, Below Navel, Solar Plexus, Heart & 3rd eye).

*Beginning in Mountain Pose (standing), ground into the left leg as you bend the right knee behind you.

*Clasp the right ankle from the inside with the right hand, keeping the knees close.

*Press your foot back as you lift your torso, keeping the hips square.

*Reach your left arm up or straight out ~ whatever feels good.

*Find your Drishti (focal point) and keep your gaze straight with the neck lengthened & the eyes soft.

*Sense the grace and the balance in this pose as you feel yourself timeless and in the present moment.

Namaste…and lots of ♥

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