Grillin’ up some Halibut

Summer is such a great time for fish! If you can get it freshly caught, it’s quite a delicious treat.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your fishmonger! Look for sustainably, fresh caught fish and avoid farm raised, if possible. 

Ok, onto the Halibut! I love pairing light entree’s with fruit, i.e. salads with grapefruit and fish with citrus! This gave me the idea to grill up some fish and pineapple…for a filling and fulfilling summertime dish.

Rather than going canned, buy a whole (organic, if possible!) pineapple. I think your body will appreciate this act of love! Slice off the top, the bottom and all the sides…until you have a purrty, deskinned pineapple.  😉

Prep: Slice up your juicy pineapple and cut the centers out. Drizzle Olive Oil on one side (this side goes face down on grill!)

Get your grill fired up, stick those juicy suckers on ~ then drizzle Olive Oil on the remaining side.


Flip after 3-5 minutes ~ they'll be nicely brown. Set aside.

Ok, even though I said “grill,” once the pineapple is done, we’re actually going to leave the grilling behind. The truth is, fish is such a delicate food ~ it usually falls apart on the grill (except tuna & some others). Pan frying fish has been my secret to delcious meals.
-Heat your oven to 375.
-You start with Olive Oil and a hot pan (that means medium-hi heat).
-Meanwhile: you’ve unwrapped your fish and seasoned it with S&P (both sides).
-Throw that puppy in the pan, skin side down.
-Cook for 4-6 minutes, depending on how thick your piece is. When the raw middle starts to fade away, flip it.
-Now, I choose to remove the skin. It usually comes right off. I season this bare area with S&P.
-This side is about 4 minutes.
-I flip it back to the ‘bare non-skin’ side; and the final touches transpire in the oven!
-Cook in the oven for about 5 minutes.
*The cooking times, all really depend on how you like your fish. I know a lot of you enjoy raw/seared fish too…*
*Cooks tip: ideally, you want to use a cast iron pan. But, a good non-stick pan will work as well. FYI- Rubber handles are a no-no in the oven).*
The final result will look something like this.

Bon Appetit!

And you may feel something like this:


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2 comments on “Grillin’ up some Halibut
  1. Halibut is so amazing! This recipe sounds delicious. I think the important thing when cooking most fish, especially something like halibut is to really show it off, which this recipe would do perfectly.

  2. CO Cowgirl says:

    Oh my gosh – this looks sooo yummy!!

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