Farm to Table: Kale

Alright! I got my Kale (from Hogsback Farm ~ check out my last posting) and we’re ready to cook it up. Usually, I do a steam or a gentle stir fry with my Kale. Tonight I wanted a little something more. I got playful…and experimental.

I tried something new and kinda created it while shopping in the seafood department. “No halibut?!” Aww. Sometimes you gotta improvise, right? Calamari steaks, here I come! I know what you’re saying, “random”… and maybe even, “eww?” Let’s just say, I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome and will definitely be having it again. (This, also coming from my sweet co-chef of a BF!)
Calamari Kale Salad:
(ah HA, I tricked you. Yes, it’s a salad!)
-Calamari steaks
-Walnuts (chopped)
-Olive oil
-Yellow Onion (sweet)
-Garlic (minced) (4 cloves)
-Lemon (2)
-Red Chili Pepper Flakes
-S & P
*In bowl, whisk the: oil, juice of 1/2 lemon, red pepper, garlic, S&P.
*Lay out the steaks on your cutting board. Cut small rings, about 1/2 inch wide.
*Heat olive oil in pan & throw in the rings, pouring the oil mixture into the pan ~ over the calamari.
*Gently move around until cooked: 3 minutes.

*Wash kale and cut or rip into pieces.
*Warm the olive oil on med-hi heat, then saute onions till light golden color.
*Toss in the Kale and gently move around/toss, cooking for 3-5 min.
*Throw in garlic & walnuts at last 3 minutes, so they don’t burn. Season with S&P, lemon zest, juice, red pepper throughout…

Most of my postings don’t have detailed measurements and/or instructions, mainly because it really depends on the individuals liking. For this recipe: use your intuition ~ and add more of the ingredients you like and minimize the ingred. you don’t care for as much (i.e. lots of onions but little garlic). I personally like, equal amount of onions, walnuts & Kale ~ so you get a bite of each with every forkful. Also, be mindful of how ‘soft ‘ you like your Kale; as the longer you cook it, the softer & more wilted it will be.

Happy crunching & munching!!
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One comment on “Farm to Table: Kale
  1. Marina says:

    This looks so delicious! I will be adding it to my menu planning for next week! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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