As a child I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis ~ an auto immune disease. Until recently, I wasn’t aware of how much we can be affected by health scares. Although my RA is in remission, the inflammation still lives in my body. The interesting thing is; whether the condition is allergies, asthma, or arthritis ~ most of these are tied to some type of inflammation! Inflammation occurs externally as well as internally (bleeding gums, muscle aches, ulcers). Healthy inflammation is ok; our body responds to an injury or an infection, protecting the body & promoting healing. Chronic or negative inflammation can be caused by many things: stress, diet, lack of exercise, genetic predisposition… but one way we can reduce the inflammation, is to take charge of our diet. Some foods actually make us more susceptible.

This posting is also to serve the purpose of a friendly reminder…to listen to your intuition. I respect Doctors, but only YOU really know and intuitively feel what’s going on with your body. In the past years, I haven’t had much help from Doctors. It has been my health coaches & my Naturopath who opened me up to “listening in” and healing naturally. This has changed my perspective…and my life. I think so many people aren’t informed about how their diet can be effecting them in so many ways (even causing allergies, and other symptoms of sinus/cold issues). When challenges occur…life presents us with an opportunity! So, I ask you to ~ be curious, ask questions and listen in. I am learning just how much our nutrition effects us. What we put in, is what we get out.
This is a beautiful machine we’ve been blessed with! And we only get one. Let’s ‘fuel’ it properly.As I write this, I feel so much gratitude. This Blog is really a journal for me & such a healing experience. Thank you for allowing me to share.

This is a continual learning process, but I would like to pass along info as I move forward in this journey. So many others face similar situations ~ and inflammation is a major issue in our country. I believe we’ve moved into a more processed food diet/pyramid, which is partly why we’re experiencing dis-ease. Let’s be proactive! Let’s do this! If you want more info, check out some of the resources below!

~”The Inflammation Syndrome” by Jack Challem
~”The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book” by Jessica K. Black
~Dr. Weil’s Food Pyramid
~The Conscious Life website (Top 10 listed above)

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