Force of Nature aka: Laird Hamilton


I really do think things happen for a reason…

The other day, I randomly stumbled upon Laird Hamilton’s new book “Force of Nature: Mind, Body, Soul, and of course Surfing.”

I immediately remembered back to the day in Kauai, when I ran into Laird himself . . .

As I paddled down the Hanalei river on my Stand Up Paddle board, I hear a guy shouting out paddle pointers. As I realize what’s going on . . . (“Oh! He’s talking to ME?”). . . I try to listen to Laird’s instructions and focus on my paddle technique. It was hilarious. I was all flustered!

I thanked him for the advice…after all, this was coming from a PRO. As I kept paddling, the people I was with (ahead of me) were in awe and totally stoked on the encounter (as was I!). Laird’s energy was super present and strong. I’ve felt inspired by him ever since. . .

About 6 months after that, I ran into Laird and Gabby (Gabrielle Reece, wife and pro athlete) in Venice Beach. Although I don’t have a good story for this run-in . . . I took this as a sign to stay connected to him and research more about his life. After realizing my desire to combine outdoor fitness to my yoga and life coach practice ~ Laird’s book couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.  Divine!!

I think it’s so important to find people, places and things that inspire us. Follow your excitement! Laird really “gets” that our body, mind and soul are all connected…and need to be fed on various levels. He also is a big believer in being adventurous. . .trying new things. . .to lighten up and have FUN!! This really applies to our relationship with physical activity.  I see so many people uninspired and burned out by their regular gym-routines. Getting outdoors, and mixing up your regimen works the brain and body beautifully!!

Check out the excerpt to the left…


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