Affirmation Of The Day

“Watch your thoughts, for they become your words.
Choose your words, for they become your actions.
Understand your actions, for they become your habits.
Study your habits, for they will become your character.
Develop your character, for it becomes your destiny.”
(Sandra P. Riggin)

This theory, if you will ~ comes from the idea that: we are our thoughts. That our destiny begins with our thoughts, and if we want to change the outcome of our life…we start with paying attention to our thoughts. Another idea here, is that we are manifesting what we’re choosing to ‘bring in.’ That’s motivation alone ~ to release any negative thinking and shower yourself with positive words.

I have heard many times, “change your thoughts, change your life.” My favorite… “What we think about, we bring about,” my yoga teacher constantly reminds us.

It’s very interesting to observe. Today, notice your thoughts. Are there any current themes? Are there any patterns? What about any judgements?

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