Hello, Washington! I’m home…

Moving from California to Washington was bittersweet. Growing up in such a beautiful place provided so many wonderful opportunities…

Fast forward…and here we are! It’s SO green here! Living on Vashon Island is definitely an adventure. There are so many things to discover: the local farms and their Farm Stands, the endless hiking trails, the water sports, the Ferry system, the hippie community ~ I love it all.

Moving (in general) can take a toll on your mind, body & soul ~ your whole being! <Insert> comfort food, lethargy and lack of exercise. Aye! The first thing to go, is our self-care and Wellness. Getting back into gear here, I have decided to begin a cleanse. This is a beautiful way to take care of your body, health ~ self. To get rid of the waste that has been clogging your systems of elimination. What we put into our body is what we get out of it.  🙂

Step 1.) steer clear of dairy and sugar.
*sugar is known to cause your immune system to plummet*
*dairy can actually add to the mucus growth in your sinuses*
Now that I’ve prepped my body a bit, I am using “The Body-Smart System” by Helene Silver to further support this health movement.

This 21-day cleanse, is complete – and holistic. Meaning, the “whole being” is treated . . . with techniques on: “The Clean and Clear Diet,” breathwork, affirmations, relaxation, self-massage, baths, aromatherapy, exercise/yoga, nutrition and delicious recipes. Helene defines Wellness as, “a creative process of growth and change, where we take responsibility for using our bodies, minds, and emotions in a constructive way, and recognize our connection to a larger community of beings.”

Week one basically eases you into a Vegan diet. One of the various daily concoctions is the:
-Inner Beauty Herbal Tea (peppermint, alfalfa, dried sage & oat straw).

I particularly love how The Body-Smart System book explains how the ingredients effect you, as well as what the benefits and healing aspects are. This tea promotes cleansing & nourishment in the following ways:

*peppermint aids in digestion and relieves flatulence…
*alfalfa is nutrient rich in general (includ. potassium & iron)…
*sage helps dissolve mucus in the respiratory passages and in the stomach…
*oat straw is a remedy for chest ailments and is rich in the mineral silica
(which promotes healthy hair, skin & nails)…

Cleansing is a wonderful way to “clean the dirty pipes” if you will. Wish me luck on this journey…time to get shopping!

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